2d or 3d game with 2d Character

Hi all,

I would like some suggestion.

I want to create a game with 2d character, like Hollow Knight. I would like to know if it’s best to develop under the 2d side scrolling template or a 3d game template and change the camera and keep using sprite for the character and the other components.

The same functionality with the 3d game template and possible with the 2d game temaplte too? Like destructible mesh, light, particles, etc.

Thanks, Davide.

I think the differences between the templates are mostly only the assets and blueprints that are included. You can start with whichever you want really and modify it from there.

So i can still use particle effects like in 3d, lightning, destructible mesh and all?

Not sure about destructible meshes with sprites but all the rest should be attainable.