2D Ninja Zombie [ANDROID]

Still work in progress! Decided to release it now since it was hard to keep going with no motivation. I decided to port my old J2me game Adventures of Zombieman to android and new gen phones so here we go. Added in game store, achievements and online ratings. Spent around 2 months. Still work in progress hope you will like ti =)

Looks like some good kooky fun! Haha… Got any video clips you could post?

:smiley: Saw the ninja i the first picture and laughed out loudly. +1 for that. Some clips would be nice. Wanna see him in action.

Sorry for the late response!

Great, it looks very fun, congratulations. I’m just installing it to give a try.

I wondering if you made this game with UE4? I guessed yes because is posted here but I see it only have 19MB download size in Google Play. How did you do to get the UE4 go bellow 40mb :slight_smile:
I could have a lot more questions but I don’t want to bother you :wink:


Great work, runs smoothly in my phone :).

Very cool!

Michael Noland