2D network code

Hi guys,

I am creating a 2D Fanmade Pokemon MMO (i know there are already such things, but none do it like i want it) and i am searching for a good engine to actually do that.
I already started with Unity, testing it out with a friend and it works fine. Created some basic area, basic attacks and so on. Now i am looking into the network Code and i somehow think that unity is kinda unstable.

I want to have an auction house, where you can buy and sell all sorts of stuff and for that i need a stable server that does not lose items or Pokemon that are for sale. Now my question, how good can UE handle this kind of stuff? The game itself is not that hard to programm, im just not that good with multiplayer coding and it would be a real help to have an engine that takes a bit of pressure of me.

Whether or not the server will “lose things” is entirely dependent on smart server programming. I am currently working on a project that can handle thousands of players, the engine can handle a lot, though be prepared to make engine modifications if you are working on something that has extreme or abnormal requirements (that doesn’t seem to be the case from what you describe). Knowing good networking practices is important, both to prevent cheating, and to keep everything working flawlessly.