2D map with a 3D representation


I`m trying to create an 2D RTS. However for calculations of LOS (which uses linetrace) or terrain movement, it would be better if I had an 3D representation of the same map.

My first idea was to create a world where the player is in the 2D representation of the map and in another location of the world, away from the player, there would be the 3D representation by flattening the 3D world before doing the 2D Image.

Is there another way to do it?

I’m probably missing something, but you can linetrace on a 2D plane just like you do in 3D space. What are you trying to do with the third dimension? Adding height to your 2D tiles? You could just use channels if you can work off a 2D grid. Can you tell us more?

I just realized that it would be better to just add information to my 2D grid.