2D Map Navigation

Hey Guys (Firstly I am VERY new to UE4). I am working on a project where you need to be able to navigate a map. The game will be in 2D so currently I have the top down project with the world map as a material on the floor.

But I have a few problems with this. Firstly, I do not want a character at all in the map. I have made the character either invisible or replaced him with a basic sphere. I want to pan the camera when you reach the edge of the screen, instead of clicking on a spot on the map.

Secondly, I want it so that if you click on a certain spot on the map you can navigate to that point and it will show the next 2D map. (Think like a dating SIM where you navigate from say the town map to your house and the you are in your room or what not). Currently I have placed a trigger box (also tried box collider) and tried activating the action when you click on it. I even made a function for when you right click or press E, none of those worked.

I tried to google for answers but I am not sure how to phrase this in a search bar. If someone can help in the right direction I would appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.