2D level design + making the levels look nice

Hi everyone,

I am looking for someone who would help me with level creation for my 2D rogue like project. So far I was a solo developer, but with lack of time I am searching for companion who could make nice looking levels, make good suggestions and would not be afraid to express their opinions.

I believe I have most of the assets and more are coming from artists I am in contact with.

I am not looking for a programmer, more a level artist, that knows lighting, camera settings, fogs etc.

Payment via Paypal


Hello Crispy,
I am very much fimiliar with your requirements and i believe i can help you. Please send me email at : so that we could discuss further.

Looking forward
Troy W

Position still open

Hi Crispy. What is your e-mail or skype? Ping me for discuss.

My contacts:
Skype ID: crazy_pain

Sent you a PM