2D: Ladder movement, climb?

Iam using kenney 2d asset for testing unreal things.
I was trying to make ladder. This is simple bluepring with collision box

After searching for information on creating the ladder , I found only one tutorial in pdf, which is often referred to . But I think for 2d games , he is not very suitable . So I decided to experiment and make easier bluprint using functions from this PDF. Now its looks like this:

It works simple: on event overlap character acquires the ability to fly. When he leaves the collision box, he stopped flying.

The problem is that with this approach the character moves up and down like a drunk. Because at the entrance to the collision box changing gravity and character finds himself in the turbulent pipe.

Could you suggest a more realistic implementation of the ladder than the one that has turned from me.

Set the Velocity on the Character Movement component to Zero if there is no movement input from the player.

you can set the collision slope override to 89 degrees in the static mesh settings and it will act like a ladder and let the character walk up.

its a primitive solution but would work well enough for a very simple game.