2D/Intermediate/Advanced Blendspace tutorials?

Hey guys,

Are there any resources that act as a good guide for creating 2D or more complicated blendspaces than the introductory youtube videos published by Epic?

Thanks in advance!

It depends on what exactly you want to know (when you have a special question on how to create something, I can probably explain it to you :D) → e.g you can find a more complex blendspace in the “Couch Knights” demo. There they use it for a advanced movement → “side walking”, “back walking”,…


Hey Fighter!

My question involves the proper setup for strafing animations and how they fit within a traditional movement blendspace. My setup works in preview mode, but I must not have gotten the direction of the player’s movement correctly because it doesn’t work in-game. I’m currently at work so I can’t screenshot the animgraph for you, but I think I have an idea of how to fix that particular issue… but in general:

Would a 2D blendspace be the appropriate place to setup strafing animations?

What about dodging animations?

Thanks as always man you’ve helped me a few times already on this message board!