2D images with wrong pixilation after opening level

Hi UE4 Family

Whenever I open my 2D sidescroller game in the UE4 editor (I use Epic Launcher) all of my sprite/flipbook images have bad pixelation.
Meaning the images are “blocky” clunks of what the image should be.

When I open the sprite/flipbook file from the content browser, I simply double click on the image in the editor window and the sprite/flipbook’s pixelation corrects itself. After I do this the image usually works fine.
This happen whenever I start the editor. And sometimes after I change levels thru the content browser.
If I do not do this everytime, the sprites will also have the wrong pixelation when playing in viewport, new window, and launch.

Any ideas or suggestions on what this problem could be?


I solved the problem by changing the Texture’s LOD settings to “No Mipmaps”.

Looks good everytime now.