2d HUD widget png washed out

Learning Unreal fyi…

Creating a simple HUD widget, and the images seem to be washed out. Images are 8bit PNG saved from photoshop. In editor they look vibrant, as should be. When in game mode they wash out. I’ve researched a lot and most of what I find involves textures from substance and do not pertain to 2d widgets. I have tried checking / unchecking srgb with no difference. When checked they simply look washed out in editor as well…

Any work around?

Putting this up now in case anyone else finds they have the same problem.
I had a similar issue to the OP, and not just with the PNG format, if I imported a Photoshop PSD the same thing happened; faded looking image when displayed in a widget, even though i set the Image Compression Settings to UserInterface2D, and the Texture Group to UI.

It seems to be an sRGB related issue, what worked for me is:
Export from Photoshop and DISABLE the sRGB checkbox
Import to Unreal, apply the settings mentioned above plus, CHECK the sRGB tickbox.
Then the colours appear correctly in widgets.

sRGB OFF in Photoshop, ON in Unreal.


in my case that happens when i make pic 16 bit instead of 8. when i switch it to 8 in photoshop it usually works fine