2D hex based Indie wargame to 3D

Hi All,

I have 2D hex based wargame done. For the next release I would like to move to 3D (give it a kind of miniatures look), and rather than perhaps building my own 3D engine I’m considering using unreal engine. Can I kindly ask you for a recommendation how to proceed learning/using unreal engine; does the engine support 3D hexagonal maps? My game is written using Visual C++ 2013 as well as MFC (Microsoft foundation classes). As of now I’m learning how to build 3D assets (vehicles, buildings etc). I don’t know much about 3D from development so this now my main focus and could use some general feedback/advice how to proceed…



Welcome! :slight_smile:

Unreal engine is definitely a good option for your project. I only work in blueprint but I can get most things done myself. If you know C++ or are willing to learn then you can do anything you can math together.

The first thing you should start with is making a basic hex mesh in the editor(or import one you made in a 3D program, but for now you don’t need to do that). When I started out, I just took the cylinder static mesh, tweaked it until it was 6 sided and generally thin, and then learned out how to put them next to each other manually. Then I started doing it procedurally and went from there.

If you have ever made a 2D hexmap, then doing it in 3D is really not much, if at all, different.

Take a look at my threads starting with the first and let me know if you have any questions. Blueprint and the editor in general are quite intuitive but it will still take some work to get the hang of things.

Thank you for your feedback Zeustiak, I appreciate it! I will take a look at your work, thanks! I don’t know anything yet about Unreal 4 engine, or even what blueprints are…I need to start reading the documentation I guess.

If anyone has any ideas how to use Unreal 4 engine for hex map turn based game, I would really appreciate your feedback. I have 2D game in C++ already built…I just need to figure out how to port to 3D.


Welcome to Unreal Engine! As Zeustiak says, in most cases working on a grid based turn based strategy game in 3D is no different from 2D. You are still working with a 2D-grid, but visualizing it in 3D. I’ve made a toolkit for making turn based strategy games in Unreal Engine (for hexagonal and square grids) where all grid data is stored in 2D arrays.

My toolkit might not be of interest you as you have already written your game, as well as my toolkit being made in blueprint, but maybe you’ll find it useful to look through some of my forum threads documenting my progress. Here is a linkto my current thread, which has links to all my previous threads in the first post.

I absolutely love turn based strategy games and I’m glad we have a new TBS developer joining the UE4 fold :slight_smile:

I have seen your stuff Monokkel on YouTube great stuff!!!

My 2D wargame is actually getting published in February 2016; now I just need to figure out for the next major release how to port the graphics engine into 3D.



That is a pretty massive game! A lot of work must have gone into it. I personally like the clean 2D look, but I’m sure making use of UE4’s advanced 3D rendering capabilities will make it more immediately enticing to new players. Good luck!