2D Games

Hi guys

I have noticed a lot of people post 3D content in MarketPlace,but in 2D MarketPlace there is not much.
Is 2D not a viable concept anymore.
What i mean is.Are people more interested in 3D than 2D games nowdays.
If so,am i wasting my time finishing my 2D game.

Thanks All


Well, I think most people create their 2D assets themselves.
As it is much “easier” than modelling a 3D asset. The sepcific demands on “game readiness” of the assets are not that high as they are for 3D assets (unwrapping, etc).
There are some texture packs, but its rather the exception… Whereas you will find many material packs, including textures, but there you pay for the material logic…
So 2D games are still hot (Plants vs Zombies) :slight_smile:

In my opinion they are still pretty popular, especially under casual gamers -> many famous mobile games, mini games, html games,… are 2d. :wink:

You don’t see much of 2D because UE4 is primary 3D engine, but 2D games having a reneseans in indie boom so there no point of discouraging yourself. Also 2D asserts are alot harder to make then 3D.

I wouldn’t take a smaller selection of 2D content in the marketplace as a sign of a lack of market for 2D games. The following is just conjecture, but it seems like 2D assets can be harder to reuse between projects as it is easier to distinguish 2D art that doesn’t fit in with other content (varying resolutions / shading techniques / etc…). This is true in 3D too to some degree, as you can’t combine lowpoly or cartoon-shaded art along with realistic rendering art, but I think you have more leeway within those broad categories. 2D art also has to be made for a specific camera angle/control scheme (e.g., side scroller or various shades of top-down, etc…), whereas 3D models can generally be used in more circumstances / types of games.


Thanks for the reply’s guys.
I see what you are saying UE4 is really a 3D engine,for 3D games,but i love 2D.I cannot get me head around 3 dimensions.I love me x,y.
Thanks i see what you mean about reusing assets in a 2D context,basically your game is a one off.

Thanks guys


UE4 is also a good engine for 2D games :slight_smile:


Feel free to visit this site https://mobilegamegraphics, they have a bunch of 2d assets