2D Games for Unreal?

I’m learning Unreal Engine so I could eventually learn how to create a 3D game, but I’m also wondering if this engine is capable of making 2D games, and if it’s good or not. Specifically, a 2D game with a pixel art style, but I doubt the art style matters too much. Is the Unreal Engine good for making 2D games or is Unity better? And in side-scroll, top-down, 2.5D views?

Unreal is definitely capable of making 2D games, but that is not its strong suit. I would suggest using unity or a dedicated 2D engine to make a 2D game.

Octopath Traveler is made in Unreal. With that said, I would use a dedicated 2d engine or unity lol

Anything can be made with Unreal.
I have a feeling that Unreal made 2D game is quite heavy for the machine specs and takes a looot of hard disk space compared to actual 2D engine games.

Octopath isn’t 2D. It’s a 3D game stylized as 2D.

Unreal’s way of doing 2D is Paper2D, which was being developed by a single dude. That dude got drafted into Fortnite team, so now it isn’t handled by anyone. It’s abandonware.
If you’re looking for an amazing 2D engine, use Godot.

I wouldn’t call it abandonware considering 4.20 has made some updates for it. It is very low on the priority list but it certainly is not abandoned.

Hey, I’m a solo dev working on a 2D game in UE4 (you can see it here StickyBots on Steam). I also have 4+ years of industry experience in using Unity in 2D games. I’d say its hard not to recommend Unity, for any game development in general, as it is a strong choice. Especially now, Unity is always adding more and more out-of-box features that are geared directly towards 2D games. I chose UE4 mostly for its legacy of strong online multiplayer games. Having said that, both engines could get the job done. For my game in particular, after using both engines extensively, I do not regret choosing UE4 over Unity. I often say that at the end of the day, you’re still going to end up writing most of your game from scratch, despite which engine you use.

Finally I’ll say this. For a normal single player 2D game, Unity is probably the stronger choice. Choose UE4 if you are you inclined to learn it, or prefer hacking around in C++ rather than C#. For online multiplayer, while both will get the job done, I think UE4 is the strong winner.

@Nantuk Is it a legit reason to choose UE4 to develop 2D game because I want to learn c++?
And will the experience of developing 2D game in UE4 will be helpful in UE4 3D game development? Thanks