2D Game With An In-Game Level Creator - Is It Possible?

Hey there, I am working on a 2D co-op game with UE4 using Paper2D.

Part of my game’s concept involves players being able to create and share levels via a simple, in-game level editor. On top of this, all the official levels will be created using the same editor (like BattleBlock Theatre).

So I was wondering if it’s possible in the engine to code such a function, and dynamically create, save and download levels into the game.

Anyone that has any ideas or even knows how to approach such a task, I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks for reading.

Its totally possible, but your going to have to very clearly lay out your building capabilities and expectations. When making something like what your describing typically it gets really watered down. Why because your making tools that can be very complex depending on how you set it up.

IE real level design tools is the UE4 - but your not going to expect end consumers to all purchase this and pay 20 bucks a month and or be experts. So your talking about watering down and making it simple.

Thus your talking about modular building blocks all place-able post environment.

Look at some blue print videos about spawning and laying items that snap to a grid in game. That’s a starting point.

Yes its very possible

Yeah, the game was going to be built out of blueprint blocks that snap to a grid, and it will all be very simple.

I’m still very confused about how I would approach it, in terms of dynamically creating levels without relying on the editor itself. :confused:

I know it would be possible and it would require combining several different techniques in several of the different blueprint tutorial videos. I am no programmer or blueprint guru so I probably wont be a whole lot of help.

However I remember one tutorial showed you how to spawn something in someone’s hand. Tweak that to on the ground in front of you.

Another tutorial was how to setup modular design based on location and would keep the size constraints and snap to a grid.

Just start watching all the different blueprint tutorials and you should get some ideas, getting it all working as intended is another matter… GL