2D Game + Sprite + texture dynamics

Hello everybody,
Sorry for my English, I am French ^^

I’m new in C++ Unreal and I want to create a dynamic Sprite (Wall).
I create a grid (Tmap) with FVector2D and one other class but I don’t know how use classes. I want a 2D sprite class with multi-texturing and for this to change depending on certain conditions (ex : if I place a wall and another next to it I want this wall to change texture to adapt to the situation) but I don’t know how do that. I create a new class (actor) to make a child and I set this class to my TMap, I want a link between my wall and the grid to create a function to check the number of connections with objects of the same class.

Place a Wall
Call setup display (To Wall bp)
Ask grid for number of connections with objects of same class and return a number
Set texture using the number

And if it is possible I want just 1 texture, i just multiply the return number by the scale of the texture and it moves the UV etc

Here are my textures :

Ask me a question if you need more precision/clarification :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading :slight_smile: