2d Game, No scrolling

Hay,I am very new to UE4 and want to re-create a game from my C64 days. Very simple in detail. But two things I seem unable to find out doing.

  1. I want a 2d screen, but I do not want it to scroll. I want the camera to just sit looking in one place, and the action from actors will take place within it’s viewpoint.

  2. Due to different resolutions I cannot seem to find a function within blueprints that will auto determine what the clients resolutions is, so it knows to spawn an actor just off screen (Top Right). I also need to know what the X pos would be once the actor has left the screen on the left.

Also, I am a little confused on what type of blueprint class I should use for a simple flying Hat which goes across the screen. Other than that the balls it drops, its the only thing moving. The only input would be a space bar within the game.

Any help, or pointers would be very much appreciated.