2d Game inventory

Need help with a game inventory for a 2d game with no character, I’m using the Game instance for the player stats that will effect the game but have no clue how to make an inventory system to go with this. All the youtube vids i’ve seen used a character and i can’t find any to adapt to this style. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @Smasher6190
can you define a bit better what you dont know how to do?

for example, do you know how
create a widget with a slot system?
save and load variables and structures in your game ?

I’ve created a widget for the item slots and inventory and have it wrap at a certain point, and I’ve made a test data table with a number of variables but I’m not sure how to attach it to the game without an actor. But thats about the extent of my knowledge, so I don’t really know the rest of how it works. Since I’m using the game instance for most of the player stats would it work with the players inventory too?

the gameinstance dont get the player input
you can read something more here.

So i would say thats greatly unpractical thinking to work around this.

When you can simply place a dummy actor to get access to the player inputs.
You will still need to record the inventory in a persistent place like the game instance

there is a specific problem that make you hard-impossible to use an actor ?
i think a lot of things can be done on the level blueprint too…

Just a lack of knowledge I suppose, have no clue how to animate or set up models though I had been thinking the same i.e it’d be easier to make a sprite or model and have it tied to that instead. Though I figured it would be a nice fit for a rpg game, you know instead of having set player models/sprites you could come up with how the character would look like by their stats but that could just be me lol