2D game creation

I am new to this unreal engine and am asking if that I will be capable of making a 2D style games for example a side scroller game? I have come to ask this question due to the fact a lot of the games that have been created by the unreal engine are mostly big, high graphical, and 3D games. So, that is why I want to ask that question because I feel like that it would be a bit complicated to make a 2D game on this engine because it feels like this engine was made for 3D games mainly.

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In my opinion it’s pretty easy -> paper 2d

Here is a pretty good tutorial series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FKG7fFWKOA

you can also check out “tappy chicken” and “swing ninja”, they are both 2D games that epic made witch you can download as examples to learn from.

Ok, Thank you!!! :slight_smile: