2D foliage on steroids. The procedure is in stylized demo scene by Epic.

I took the stylized demo’s material for instancing 2d foliage. It’s going to be the way to do it for VR imo. You can have a TON of foliage at no performance cost (pretty much).

Now imagine it with high quality Evermotion cutout trees. Made a quick test with the stylized assets. What’s cool is it’s like a billboard, it will always face the camera (done within the material this time tho). And since it’s a static mesh, you can use the paint foliage tool. This scene contain about 162k instances of grass and i’m still capped at 120 fps.


The view distance can be increased to veryyy far within the material instance too.


ps : sorry for my poor painting abilities. :slight_smile:

Woah. Neat, thanks for the tip. Going to have to try this out with VR.

This one below contain 23k trees.


Still need more variety to break the repetiveness!

Nice way of using it, but the limit of billboard is that since they always facing the camera, as soon you move to fast or to far the “effect” is pretty bad :s
What about using 3d Imposters instead ? Render 3D Imposter Sprites | Unreal Engine Documentation

Never tried but it’s on my to-do list eventually.

Never tried but it’s on my to-do list eventually.

: Looks very promising for large environments. Is it possible for you to share this test file which has trees?

Also, what is the workflow you follow for having realistic foliages in the scene without getting a hit on fps?
Even with speedtree I face issues related to UV overlapping and has to abandon static lighting. Any suggestions you can give?