2d Endless Runner Kit

2D Endless Runner game Kit

The Pack is available on the UE4 Marketplace HERE:…endless-runner

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Hello all,

The 2D Endless Runner game kit offers you the basic/main features for building your own Infinite Runner type of game. It’s easy to understand and use in your own projects. Everything is commented and customizable. The basic idea of this types of games is that you avoid or destroy obstacles, while picking up coins and power-ups that help you gain bigger scores and rewards.

Coins and obstacles are spawned **grouped **in a pattern or individually. There is also a score system that increments every X seconds and together with the coins you pickup they will be saved and shown in a local “High Score” screen.
Almost all the blueprints communicate through a single “GameMode“ blueprint, making the links between the systems more smooth and understandable.

Below there is a full list of functionalities (more will be added in future updates):


  • Jump or double/multi jump
  • Character Selection Screen


  • Parallaxing effect
  • Customizable speed values for each environment element
  • Looping


  • Patrol enemy
  • Projectile enemy
  • Static enemy
  • Special enemy (attacks your last character position)
  • Can be destroyed if jumping on them propelling you upwards

Damage/Health System

  • Customizable health with HUD display
  • Health pickups
  • Customizable enemy damage values
  • Hurt + death states
  • Slow motion death (NEW)


  • Low, Med, High rewards (customizable reward value)
  • Displayed in the HUD


  • Coin Magnet (attracts coins towards you)
  • Health
  • Invincibility
  • Reward multiplier
  • Hover (The player levitates when jump is held down and the powerup is active) (NEW)
  • Visual feedback when available

Spawning system

  • Make your own patterns or obstacles/coins/powerups
  • Spawn at random or fixed positions
  • Spawn chances per actor types (ex: 20% to spawn X, 80% to spawn Y)
  • Special single object spawner (spawn powerups or special enemies)


  • Increments once every 60 seconds for X times
  • You can manipulate spawn chances for each actor type in each iteration
  • Max difficulty lets you manipulate spawn changes (%) gives you extra coins on pickup and extra damage taken


  • HUD display
  • Increments every 2 seconds
  • You can get bonus score values in some cases

Save Game File

  • Coins and scores are stored locally in a save file
  • High Score and coins HUD display


  • Start, warm up phase with character text hints (idle dialogue text display)
  • Ingame HUD displaying Coins, Health, Score
  • Pause screen (Resume, Restart, Score, Quit)
  • Score screen: High Score (last 10 entries), Total Coins, Delete, Reset saved file
  • Text feedback: powerup picked up, difficulty increase
  • Level Progression (editable progress bar that when fills changes the level) (NEW)

Other Features

  • Sounds: Music, pickups, hurt, death, menu buttons, jump
  • Animations: Death, Hurt, Run, Jump, Enemy move
  • Effects: enemies move and attack, enemy death, pickup
  • Tutorial available in the Tutorial Folder inside the kit

Public Domain assets used
All sprites and sounds are public domain which mean they can be used freely for commercial and personal use.
References to each asset can be found Here](Asset_Sources.txt - Google Drive), together with an in-depth **documentation **Here

Future Updates
I intend to improve this kit over the time, either with fixes or new features.
See a list of things to come here: here](Trello)

Let me know if you have any suggestions, feedback or you just want to share your opinion related to this kit.
Email: [EMAIL=“”]


First of all: this project is very well organized with lots of different features. I am indeed a happy customer and I will be looking forward to work with on project.

As for feedback:
1: Player has to double-tab within a very short period of time to perform a correct double jump. The double-jump effect fades as the single-jump progresses and is closing to hit the ground again. Could you adjust the mechanics so the double jump is possible all the time as long as the player has single-jumped and not yet hit the ground?
2: As I reach score 70-100 the items stops generating. Player runs for eternity without any in-game impact

Thanks for making mobile adjustments!

Hello again Mykita. I am really glad you are happy with the asset and I hope it will serve you well on your own projects.

Regarding the feedback you provided:

  1. You can go to the character blueprint and tick the Zoverride bool checkbox on the Launch Character card. This will prevent the velocity from stacking with the character’s Jump ZVelocity. This should fix the clumsy double jump :slight_smile:
  2. Something broke or is unstable in the spawn object communication. I am currently investigating this issue and I will let you know when it is fixed.
    Hope this helps

Thank you and have a nice day.

Great pack. Very feature rich and easy to use :slight_smile:

Thanks - This one did the trick! Rated 5 stars :smiley:

Hi Mykita, first of all thank you for the rating, I really appreciate it. To fix the second issue you must go into each spawner and change the first Branch condition to <= just before the first spawn type event :slight_smile: , right now its < which means the right number won’t be picked.
I am working on some hotfixes, updating some documentation and I will update the assets soon.

I hope this helps and if you have anymore questions or remarks feel free to post them here.

Best regards

Is there anyway you can add a selectable character to the kit like a screen where players can select between the cat or the dog? and also maybe checkpoint system example player reaches this many steps lets jump to a new map. thanks in advance

Hello. First of all thank you for the interest in this project. A character selection screen is on my to do list indeed. I just have to find the time to do it.
Regarding the checkpoint system I will have to do some research there before considering adding it to my list.
In either case I will let you know of the outcomes.

OK thank you very much for the reply

Any updates to this kits peogress?

Hello. I am very busy in this period and I didn’t have the time to work on the project.
As soon as I have a stable version in the future I will let you know

Excellent code and game! I bought this project so I can add my own custom assets. Sadly I can’t find where to replace the music, background images, and platform. Any help would be appreciated. Also, how much do you charge to customize this game with my assets?

Hello. Thank you for your interest in my project I really appreciate it. You can contact me at and I can provide you with more info.

Hi djshiro, I would like to let you know that I started working on the Character Selection Screen. I will let you know when it’s done.

Thats Awesome anyway can look into a stage complete ending so we can use more then one level? thanks in advance

Hi, kindly let me know aswell. I’d be very interested in this update!

Hi Mykita, the character selection is up on the market.
Good luck :slight_smile:

Any Update on this project?

Hey djshiro, I have not been able to work on the project lately, I am extremely busy in this period. When something changes I will let you know.

guessing this project was discontinued?