2D Drawing Interface

Hello everyone.

Unreal Engine 4 is very impressive in its set of 3D skills and toolsets but I am completely in the dark how I would implement a “Drawing-Interface” for the user, e.g. a UI where the user can draw primitives and edit them.

Question 1.) How would I get a 2D-Interface with the ability of drawing lines on it?
Question 2.) How does one draw dynamic lines? Like when the user want’s to draw a circle and resizes the circle or flattens it etc. Thus it seems like every programm on earth uses such toolsets of dynamic sprites I nowhere found any inspiration on how to solve / implement it myself :confused:


  1. You may look towards UCanvas class. It has abilities to draw a lot of stuff. You can access it through AHUD derived class, and overriding some functions (e.g. DrawHUD)
  2. You may store descriptions of your lines in an array (start, end points, which you may change as you like) and then draw them each on UCanvas. Same way you can store rectangles, circles, etc.