2d Customization Character

Doing 2d game and faced such problem. I need to customize my character. Ie I have a character and he has a gun. How do I add weapons to the character? Redraw all the sprites to the movement of these weapons? And when the added armor, then redraw again, and even more)

I am curious about this as well

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately at present we do not have a skeletal sprite system in place. What you can do is attach a gun sprite to the animation you are currently using to hold the gun in blueprints. However, this probably will not produce ideal results. It would be best to create separate animation sprite sheets for the various weapons and armor pieces that you need if they change the animation significantly. If not, you can reuse the animation with the attached component sprites.

good theory . any idea how to implement this?

specifically the part where we can look through options and how this will work in blueprints to change the sprites used. would it be using conditions?

If you have a 3D art creation program, you can make a 2D skeletal mesh like Broken Age or South Park.
Try this: