2D combat?

I working on 2D top-down game but I’m having trouble with combat and how that would work in a 2d form. All of the videos I watched are basic in 3d, my character’s weapons are a sword, shield, bow, and arrow. One thing I am confused about is how I go making the animation, do I make the sword a separate sprite that I add to the character animation when attacking, or do I make a whole animation with the character already holding the sword. Hopefully, that makes sense.
Any advice and tips on this would help even just videos on this or any other 2d videos would help.

Hey @Krillblr

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So I’ve got a few sources for you to look through that might help you atleast get started!

  1. Unreal Engine Learning Course all about 2d.
  2. “Live” training video hosted by Unreal Devs. It isn’t an rpg style game but the skills should translate!
  3. Unreal Documentation, with a ton of information about all things 2d.

Hope these help! :slight_smile: Goodluck.

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