2D Collision for Melee

I’m trying desperately to get melee based combat working in my 2D game.
I followed the blueprint on the wiki: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums
But nothing happens.

There’s what I have for the blueprint. It also fires the Flipbook at the same time.

Thanks in advance.

Hey , Two thing i need from you.

  1. what is the condition on the branch.
  2. give Get Player Controller or Get Owning Pawn instead of Get Controller a try.

The condition on the branch is whether or not the character velocity is greater than one. If it is it goes up into a different branch that looks for whether the character is attacking, which is toggled on when the attack button is pressed, and toggled off on it’s release.

I did that. However I still get no reaction from my enemy.
Here is a picture of it’s blueprint chart.

Did you set your Alive variable somewhere else? You need to set it, maybe have it be true by default(makes sense). Following your enemy logic, it then goes to set the current health as health minus damage, ok.
Then it checks if health is less than or equal to 0 ok, but then something weird happens.
If the health is 0 or LESS you set alive to FALSE? if the health is more than 0 you destroy your actor?

you can also try having all numbers in one type that caused some problems in my project(dunno why tho:P )

put some pictures for reference

Tell me if I need to clarify something I’m by no means a pro but I’ve managed to get what you’re trying to do to work at least. :slight_smile: