2D collision common mistakes?

I’m trying to detect when the player in my 2D platformer game touches an item, but for some reason the collision isn’t even registering. I know it’s not firing because I hooked a print statement to it earlier, i took it out when I got this screen cap though

The item is set to only overlap pawn and as far as I can tell this setup is identical to that in the example projects. Any ideas what mistake I could be making?

Hi there Chef!

I’m very unlikely to be the one to answer your question, but I am going to help you by bumping your question. I’m going to be running into this problem sometime in the near future and I’m probably going to have all the same questions you are.

In a vain attempt to be any help at all, have you taken a look at your actor/object’s drawn collision box under the actual art asset? Maybe something in there might help?

Ok trying to be a bit more helpful, here are some links I found:

Sprite Collision Box Documentation: Sprite Collision | Unreal Engine Documentation

This thread on 2D collision (talking about mario head stomps, might not be what you need): Enemy/obstacle collision 2D - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Last thought: does your character have a capsule object around it? Might double check it if you do?

Alright, I figured out the issue! I had added the item to my level before all my collision was set up properly, and the item in my level does NOT update in real time as I save it and such. So the lesson learned is re add items to your level if they aren’t working properly!

WOW, You just saved me 2 days of researching about it. :slight_smile: