2D Click & Throw Mechanics


So I am trying to make it so I can click on a pawn and throw it in a 2d viewport. I tried watching a tutorial but for whatever reason could not get it to work. So thought I should ask here.

The issue I am having is getting a raycast to work and detect/check for the pawn. If I can get this aspect to work I think I can finish the tutorial and get everything working.

Originally I thought it was something to do with my gamemode but it’s not. So here is what I have.

  1. Default Pawn: BP_MouseClick (this is where I am building out the click and drag feature)
  2. Character Controller: Camera (just a camera floating facing down)
  3. Gamemode: MouseDragGamemode
  4. Pawns: BP_B_Ball (The ball I want to be able to click and throw in the space)

Attached is a screenshot of the blueprints I have and according to the tutorial I am watching it should be ray casting with this setup… but when I launch the cursor shows but when I click the pawns there is no ray.

Essentially I am trying to get the ray to cast from the Character Controllers location to detect the moving pawn.

Ive looked at many things, checked off allowing the cursor to show/click in the player controller. Everything. Some help would be great.