2D classic fighter game

Hi all,

Since I learned that Guilty Gear Xrd used the Unreal Engine - 3 I guess - I thought that it was a game changer for my upcoming project wich is a classic 2D fighting game too. The main problem is that Guilty Gear Xrd Sign use 3D models that look like 2D sprites, not actual 2D sprites. Because of budget and art-direction, my upcoming project will make use of 2D sprites. What I want to know is wether or not it could affect the easiness of the task to make a 2D classing game with the Unreal Engine ?

Second question, is it possible to create something like Street Fighter 3 Third Strike without any C++ or any coding using UE4 ? It would save a lot of time if it is the case. I do not worry about wall or dash mechanics, I worry about specific mechanics like parry for exemple. I am scratching my head and can’t really see how you could program it with UE4 just using the tool provided by the engine.

Blueprints will get you very far, exceeding your expectations. Unreal is also very well-versed in 2D game-making. I don’t think you’ll have any real technical issues with the engine.

Learning how to use it may or may not be an issue, but I have faith that you can get it done.

Thanks for your words and I am very glad that the blueprint is that usefull.

In fact, I read a little of the UE4 manual and I find it very complete. It is a blessing. But I am afraid the documentation may not be as complete for 2D games as it is for 3D games, is it ?