2d Character Not Visible?

My last thread got deleted about editing the Blue Mannequin Template, please let me know if I am doing this right:

Hi guys, I’m following along A.Moniem’s great 2d Tutorials, but I’m stuck on the Player Controller,

Unreal Engine, Making "Braid" P3 - Building The Level - UE4U.XYZ - YouTube

I am using UE4.2 and Moniem uses 4.0 I think, when I try to preview my character it does not show up on Play or Simulate mode.

I want to use UE4 for it’s great aesthetics but should I use Unity until UE4 has more time to develop?


You may want to find some other tutorials… there are plenty of good ones out there. No offense to Moniem, but it’s hard to follow him sometimes and he likes to interject a lot of unneeded dialog, which makes learning more difficult than it needs to be. Also, isn’t there a template for what you’re looking to do? which would have the controller in it… you can either reference that, or just use it to make your game.

Also, your link isn’t to the player controller video, it’s to the scene building which isn’t any kind of real tutorial at all… the next video in the list is the player controller one, but I couldn’t watch it to try and find out where you might be having an issue… he’s just too talkative (without saying anything) for me. … try to find a better tutorial.

Hi Zatoi,

Flipbook and tile map rendering was inadvertently broken in 4.2.0, but it should be fixed by the 4.2.1 hotfix. Can you give that a try and see if that gets rendering working for you?

Michael Noland