2d Character in 3d world

Hi all,

i will explain my problem:

I want to create a game like Hollow Knight, so 2d side scrolling. I’ve created a 3d normal scene, then copied the character code from 2d side scroller and fixed the problem with the import. If i create then a blueprint from my c++ class, place it in the world and play it’s like i’m invisible (but i can still move and all) and the blueprint that i’ve placed is just there doing nothing, like i’m not controlling it at all. What’s wrong?

Thanks, Davide.

PS: I post a link to an image because the forum doesn’t allow me to upload it.

Check the Inputs setcion in the Project Settings, you may need to add some mapping buttons to activate the movement events.

They are the same. Actually, how can i set a default sprite to my character class? Since i don’t have set any default sprite the game make him invisible, like i said i can move,jump and all (atleast, the camera is following something, so i suppose my char is there, just invisible). Still i don’t know why i can’t possess the blueprint i’ve placed.

Actually, i have resolved. For some reason the check “Auto possess” was wrong. Now it’s okay. Thanks for the help, Steve.