2D Character Artist/Environment Prop

Hello Unreal Community,

Party Llama Games are looking for a 2D character artist to join our team to help mould our game Pandora to showcase as a demo this autumn.

We are currently looking into funding to help get us off the ground and have many possible offers at the moment which are exciting. We have also signed up as a legal business company so you know we will be taken seriously.

We are looking for 2D artists who are looking to dedicate at least 10 hours a week to our project. We understand everyone has a job and a life outside the project which is totally understandable and we do respect that.

We have characters already completed to take inspiration from. There are two documents we have, characters and environments to get a taste of the feel we are going for.

We have a team of 10 working on Pandora currently and whom are very dedicated and can’t wait to see Pandora succeed. We are SUPER friendly, love to talk about llamas and love seeing our work get better by improving each other.

We track our tasks by Trello and use Skype for group chatting and 1 on 1’s.

Our current game, Pandora is based on the greek story of pandora’s box with a twist and incorporating other cultures into the game.

Please take a look at our game here:

For more information please do not hesitate to contact me on my personal email:

Skype: nareice.jade.wint