2d character artist (concept and illustration) looking for work! -

Hello guys! i’m a freelance artist looking for work in concept art and illustration!
Has interned in a game company, Monstronauts - familiar with office and feedback based workflow with Lead artist/Art director
2d vis dev for characters, turn arounds and design exploration
sketching, drafting, thumbnailing
rendering to illustration level
zbrush sketching
environment concepting (some)

game and concept art:
Graphic Design and Illustration:

Skype: jsteendeleon
discord: steen_dl

Additional Information:
Available weekdays, offlimits on weekends
prefers working through collaborative platforms like Slack.


Through Paypal
Hourly rate - $25 depends on the amount of work required. can negotiate with fix prices.

Normal time from start to completion - 16 hours (revisions not included)

Bump! still looking for more work!

bump! still looking for work!

Bump, still looking for work! :slight_smile:

bump, looking for more work!