2D character animation issue!

Hey! I wanted to make a fighting game character in Paper2D, he can move, jump and auto-rotate when he jumps over an enemy but I just cant get the animations to work, I have all flipbooks ready, it might be something stupid that I still didnt notice.

The plan was to make that Float VAR that always gives you the value of the axis for when youre moving forward or backwards, Ill still do an If to fix the animations for when youve rotated, I just wanna see if this works first. Thanks in advance if you can help me with this, Im still rather new to UE

Ok I opened it again and i figured something at least, I made the PlayerController class print out the MoveValue on the screen, and its working but when I call the P1MoveValue var on KenChar it stays at 0 always… I made the variable public by clicking on the little eye next to it, shouldnt it work??