2D C++ Project 4.8.3 vs 4.9.0 Movement difference

Hi everybody,

Just starting learning the unreal engine and I’m having a lot of fun already. Trying to make somekind of 2D sidescroller game to learn. Made a 2D c++ project template in 4.8.3 and starting playing around and I found it great. The character movement made sense to me and felt like what I wanted in my game.

4.9.0 is out, updated because I was at the begining so I felt like I wasn’t loosing anything. I made another 2D C++ template project. But the character movement is not the same. It doesn’t feel right at all to me. Is there some way to get the old character movement from the previous version? I tried to compare both “CharacterMovementComponent.cpp” (Am I right thinking its the one responsible for all that?) but there were so many differences between both files that I had no idea what would make up the difference in the movement.

Can someone enlighten me?


I loaded both project and compared all the property I could set from the editor and made them the same. Still not working as I would like to. So it doesn’t look like it was a difference between properties.