2d business app with Database and microphone input

Hello !
Would it be possible to design a more or less simple business application
for desktop with Unreal 4 ?

big database
The application should be able to manage a big database (around 100000
items, each with “name”,“description”,“picture” and “sound file”).

input from soundcard
It should be able to get input from the soundcard (microphone for example)
and store this in the database.

pattern recognition
Last but not least I would like to implement a pattern recognition system
to sort and work with items in the database. For example finding similar
pictures or similar sounds.

why with Unreal ?!?
Why I want to do this with Unreal ? Because I would like to add some 3d
features to make the software something special and because I would
love to program the application with BLUEPRINT as I am not a programmer
(but if I would have to, I would be willing to learn C++).

What do you think ?

Could this be possible with Unreal 4 ?

Thank you very much for your thoughts …

Here some pictures what the software should look like …
(obviously with the great Unreal touch then :slight_smile: )


Dear Omnicypher, thank you very much for your message. Your information gives me motivation, as I know now that everything is doable in Unreal. Even if I will have to learn C++ to get everything done as I would like to. But I was aware that sooner or later I would have to learn a proper language to get a software done in the way I want it. And expanding over time the software with modules and plugins sooner or later required a solid language too. I was also thinking about Lua, but now I am sure C++ is more solid and has more possibilities.

I have looked in lots of Rapid Application designing tools and also I looked at quite all game engines Unity, Cry engine, leadwerks, … to see what would me suit the best.
I mostly looked at the UI design features as I want a really futuristic UI and also some holographic features for a really modern and great user experience.
And all that seems possible with Unreal. Coherent UI is also a great tool as I have seen but pricy too.

Thank you very much for your post, Sammy