2D blenspaces Refuse to work. What am I missing?

So when I go to create a 3D blendspace I can add animation nodes to the graph. However they don’t play back ever. And they never connect to any other nodes. However, The animations work just fine with a 1D blendspace. Is there something I’m missing?

In which way do you place your animations into the blendspace? -> add one to the bottom row (e.g idle) and on the top row another one (e.g running)

yup that’s exactly how I’m adding them but the nodes are seemingly unconnected and nothing places when I hover cursor over them

Hmm, strange. Just to go sure: You add them like you can see it on the picture?

yellow: idle
green: walking
red: running

Yeh Just like that. Ended up fixing it by re-exporting the animations from 3Ds . But its not like I changed anything so I dunno what the heck happened XD thanks!

EDIT: Oh I know now what it probably was. I had an additive setting on one of the animations I was trying to blend.