2d Blendspaces broken in UE5?

Hi, I realize it’s Early Access, but I wanted to see how much of my project I would be able to seamlessly transfer from UE4 to UE5 and was positively surprised. However, I’ve stumbled upon a few issues, mainly my 2d blendspace don’t appear to work anymore?
It seems to only blend in 2 of the 4 directions. My idle blendspace can only move forwards and backwards, and my combat blendspace can only move backwards and left for some reason.

Even while previewing and directly moving the preview marker over the animation it should be playing, it’s only blending towards my left animation, rather than left, forwards and right. Backwards still works for some reason. It’s as if it doesn’t accept the values it’s set to anymore?

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Has anyone had any luck with blendspaces?

Most of my blendspace/slot logic is broken after upgrading to ue5. This pushes me 6 months back into development, and the best thing is not knowing if I can actually fix any of this =_= mind boggling.