2d blendspace playing wrong animations in UE5?

Hey, so I have a project that’s been ported to UE5, most of my content has been fine in the new engine.

However, I’m having a lot of issues with one of my blendspaces and can’t seem to find any settings to fix it. I have a 2d blenspace that defines how my character runs in different directions during combat. However, in UE5 it will only play the animation of him running to the right, idle or backwards. None of the forwards and left directions seem to work. Even if i place the preview node directly on top of the desired animations, it will only play the right running animations on all of the broken ones. Any suggestions?

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It’s been like that since the UE5 early access launched, only way to “fix” it is to copy the animation again manually using windows explorer, setting the correct skeleton when trying to open it, then replacing the old one. Another thing to consider is the root motion checkbox on animations, that doesn’t work properly either, while it can cause some to play correctly (if rotation was broken), it doesn’t fix the entirely just flat out wrong animation being played.