2D beat em up side scroller game like Scott Pilgram

Hello, me and a few friends are making a 2D side scroller beat em up action game, sort of like Ninja turtles or Scott Pilgram vs. the World…well I am the programmer, however I am new to the video game development scene and was wondering is there a tutorial out there which could serve as an example for us to use?

Hello JonTron,

This is a link to our official youtube tutorials. This is a 9 part series about setting up a 2D project to get you started.

If you have any further questions here is a link to our official documentation that deals with 2D and how to set up the sprites themselves.

If you have any further questions on this issue please feel free to post again.

ah, but it does not go over the AI, I am doing the AI programming…like getting the AI to follow the character players and attack them…and spawning them randomly and after a certain amount are killed new ones spawn…

also is there one for the setting of the rpg elements, such as the one found in Scott Pilgrim or Castle crushers?

I have done a few of these actions. Most of that is going to be trigger boxes and booleans. Once the player overlaps the enemy’s trigger box then set what you want to happen. So my first trigger would be bigger so as soon as you hit it the enemy starts moving towards you, then have another trigger box thats closer to the enemy but can only overlap the player pawn otherwise it will bug out. Set that one to have the enemy attack if you enter it. The way I got the enemy to move towards me was an event tick and subtract the players location from the enemys location and use set actor location. It will constantly be pushing the character towards you. You will prolly have to lock it on a certain axis though. As for jumping I just got a check on the enemy’s velocity and if they got to where they weren’t moving on the X then I would have them jump, so basically once they run into something they slow down then it jumps. You could have the enemy jump on a trigger collision from the character. You would have to set up a random system so that when the enemy triggers the collision it has a chance to jump, if thats how you’d want to do it. You could also use the random system for all your “Sometimes” What I mean by random system, and this is just how I do it, I have on event trigger pick a random number between ??–?? whatever you want to set it to, and set that number as a random variable, then do a sequence, if that number is equal to 1 this happens, if equal to 2 this happens, etc…

The RPG’s you will handle in a similar fashion. Have events for pickups and powerups and such. When that item is picked up this happens for x amount of time. You certainly have much coding to do.

Here is a link to our gameplay guide. It may not touch on everything you want but should point you in the right direction.


Also you can go to A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums and type in searches for all of our documentation across a wide range of “How To’s”.

I believe you will be able to follow this tutorial to set up an AI controller. https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/AI/BehaviorTrees/QuickStart/6/index.html

I am doing the AI and Spawning programming using blueprint or C++, I need some video or documentation for 2D AI like how to get the enemy to follow and attack, and spawn procedurally off screen like Scott Pilgram and Castle crushers games…hope this helps get a better understanding…

I am doing the AI and Spawning programming using blueprint or C++, I need some video or documentation for 2D AI like how to get the enemy to follow and attack, and spawn procedurally off screen like Scott Pilgram and Castle crushers games…hope this helps get a better understanding…

Ah thanks dude…really appreciate the help…

hey man, got another question for you…we want to have it where the characters can move into space outside of the scroll environment, in other words a 2.5D environment, where the characters can roam in the background but have limited space to roam like in Castle Crushers…this is for my friend who is working on the game with me…

So, if you just want characters animated in the background that do not animate with the player you could simply animate the sprites. Then you could add a blueprint actor that would randomly call their animation as to add a non uniform motion. This way the animation wouldn’t loop and look the same over and over.

If they are going to interact with your character then they would be handled like the character/enemies with their own blueprints that dictate their actions.

Now, since this will be 2.5 you can move them back behind the coordinates where your player walks and interacts with. Then you can add some blocking volumes or areas where the sprites would otherwise stop. From there you can add a blocking to that wall, or whatever, and in your BP do an animation update so that when the sprite hits that wall or reaches that limit then they will turn around and go back the other way.

so for having the player character and AI character to be able to move in all directions on the 2.5 D level I need volumes and areas, and what blueprint theme should I be using, the regular 2D or side scroll or what?

meaning when the player presses the up key on the game pad the character they are controlling will move into the background, pressing diagonal will make the character move diagonal back into the background

Hey, If you want to start with a blank slate and build everything from scratch I recommend using a blank project. If you want some guidelines and substance that you are able to research into and change I would use the side scroll template.

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according to this tutorial: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/AI/BehaviorTrees/QuickStart/11/index.html

I am supposed to used follower_AI_CON_C, however I cannot find that anywhere…is that supposed to be AIcontroller or something else? Please help.

This is starting to get out of my area of expertise. If you would post this question in the Blueprints section of the AnswerHub someone from our staff will handle this issue.