2D assets?

Do you know any way to find more 2D assets of textures (a part the 2 on the marketplace) that are not old style 8 or 16 bit games based but more like a modern and fancy graphic?

I can help you.

Here, follow this link.



As Unfamillia already mentioned, you can find many sprite textures on the internet :slight_smile: A very good site for such stuff is: ://www.deviantart/ -> keep in mind to always check if the assets are under copyright! But the easiest way is to just paint it by yourself, because mostly you dont find the stuff that you need + your game wont be unique

thanks for the advice! i know the best way would be to make them, but i never studied drawing or painting… i’m just a poor programmer :smiley:

i surved the wab for the last 2 days, but i found nothing that can be used with the 2D art pack (wich i’m already usng) or something at least fancy to see. just 8bit ****, or cartoon stuff i don’t like… i want art

There is plenty of stuff on the internet :wink: ->

e.g ://goramitrio.deviantart/art/Farm-plants-294933503 (after 10 second of searching :))

I can understand that… my drawing is also not good at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve found this site handy. Each asset has the license listed.


can’t believe i didn’t find them in days of search! but… will i be able to use them? no copyright issue?

btw… what i really miss, is some “platform” with a 3/4 looking… all what i found was at orthographic view only

Check each individual asset’s license for details - there are a good number of works there that are free to use for commercial projects. Others require you to attribute the creator. Read more here: About The Licenses - Creative Commons