2D Artist for minimalistic, super hard puzzle game [Ragecuit]

**Hello folks,

I am looking for someone who would be interested to help me out with 2D Design for my current project.
The name of the game is Ragecuit (not final), a neologism of ragequit and circuit. As you now might guess, it has a lot to do with circuits.

The basic idea is simple, you have a prebuild circuit, with a power supply, and have to interface with this circuit so that a specified “target”-node gets powered, without powering any fuse-nodes.
The player himself doesn’t place any logic-gates himself, he only interacts with On/Off-switches. With those he has to maneuvre the current though various logical nodes, like AND, OR, XOR, NOR, Combination Locks, and much more, while keeping the complexity “simple” (binary). The game however gets super difficult.

Your part as the 2D designer would be to create the icons for all the various nodes (AND, OR, XOR, the cable design between the nodes and so on). It can be a very minimalistic style :slight_smile:
I would guess it to be around 30-40 different textures that will be needed for the final game, if not less.
**The codebase is finished. ** Only thing left to do is implementing more levels and designing the graphical style. The game will be sold on steam for anything between 1$ and 3$ and of course you would get a royality for it.

Have a nice day :)**

I wrote you PM.

Here two updated style concepts (well, one). Gate design is still the same. The black bar is the build menue where you scroll / swipe through.

I wouldn’t recommend working with this guy, he was tremendously rude and arrogant…