2D artist and sfx specalist needed for completed mobile game (no UE4 experience required)

I’ve created a mobile game similar to Mr Space ( reference: ) and am in need of assistance for the sound effects and art.

Why you should consider this project

  • You will not be required to have any UE4 experience. I’ve completed nearly all of the programming already, now I just need assets to import into my project.
  • This is a great quick way to get your name into the credits of a project if you don’t already have completed work to show.
  • I’m covering the cost to publish this game on the Google Play Store – you pay nothing.
  • Aside from a little polish this project is complete. All the coding to save, load levels, achievements, handle animation transitions, take player input and so on has been completed. More ideas are welcome but the point is this game is pretty much complete.
  • Because I’m a nice guy and you want to help me :slight_smile:

There are five stages of difficulty and for each stage I would need the following:

  • One or Two textures for the collapsing portion of the level (512x512 or 256x256 seamless).
  • A background which relates to the created textures.
  • An animated character with various expressions and stances. Should not need more than three frames per animation.
  • Background props and small animations that also relate to the level.
    Would also need Various UI and menus work. Options, Achievements, Leaderboard. I have a web design background so I could help with the UI if you like.

SFX Specialist
Would need the following sounds:

  • Background music is by far the most important. Per stage is preferred but not a necessity.
    The rest of the sounds can be easily found online as free resources but the project would also need various chimes and environment effects.

I have not yet planned royalty percentages as that will vary based on the work. If you’re interested leave a post on this thread or message me.

Please provide any concerns or comments.

Thank you.

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Hi i am interested in learning more about your project and you audio needs. please email me at