2D Animator/Animation Studio needed for Intro Scene | REMOTE

2D Animator:

Looking for a 2D Animator or Animation Studio for remote contract-based work.

You will be working on an 2D Animation for the intro scene of a project. We’ll have a storyboard ready for you.

It started out as a Game Jam entry: but the original team members + new ones decided to take it to the next step.

Minimum Qualification Skills:

You should be able to draw in 2d, produce 2d special effects and action graphics, ink and color all digitally.

You should be very familiar with your digital content creation tools (Photoshop/Illustrator/Krita/Inkscape/ToonBloom, etc)

**Compensation: **

You will be paid fully upon completion of the contract.


You have experience working with a team, especially remotely

**PM or email me ( with your portfolio. **

About Burgos Games LLC.

Established in 2018, it’s a small remote studio based in the USA. committed to developing fun and fulfilling content for all. We are very mindful of the need to balance real life and work.

Current Projects:

  • Disclosed: Neko, Ghost, Jump! (This job) - A quirky 2D/3D Puzzle Platformer with perspective shifting and combat
  • Undisclosed: VR project.