2D animations in UE4

We are making a mobile game and are looking for ways of doing 2D animation in UE4. The usual programs don’t really work with UE and we are trying to find something better than creature to use. Any Suggestions?

We use Opentoonz for 2d traditional aniamtions and Creature2D for skeletal animatinos (although only for certain big bosses).

Other options i believe would be Spine or DragonBones (don’t know if they have a plugin for UE actually).

Hey, how do you use Opentoonz with UE4? If I were doing 2d animation within the software, what would be the best way to get it into engine? I draw each frame by hand, scan it into Gimp, ink it and paint it there, then set up the animation in Opentoonz. I am not sure which animation files UE4 accepts, as I only have experience with sprite sheets. For my workflow, though, sprite sheets would be very inconvenient.