2D animation program pipeline

What software/open source program would you recomend? I have tried Spriter, but it is very unstable. Therefore Im looking for another program to use with Unreal Engine and the
Paper2D preset.

-I personally just use photoshop for it -> there I draw my 2d sprites + animate them (I preview the animation with the “gif tool”.
-Another program is Algodoo. There you could animate your 2d character - take a picture of some frames - export it - create alpha channel - import it into the UE4
-You could also create an animation in blender + use the steps from Algodoo :slight_smile:

I recommendPyxel Edit.

Better for Pixel art than photoshop IMO

PyxelEdit was great! Bought it and it feels alot easier than Photoshop. Photoshop feels kinda heavy for just pixelart.
Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

I recommend Anime Studio debut. It is powerful animation software. It provides pre-made characters and content that help you to start animating straight away. It has vector-based, powerful, and enhanced drawing tools give you authority to manipulate the art to give it the desired look and feel.

Look into Creature.

You can check this whiteboard animation software