2D and 3D artists needed for GTA-esque 1920's detective game

Where do I start…

Our team is working on a top-down/3rd person open-world detective game set in an alternate history 1920’s. We have all the crucial roles covered (Programming, basic 3d art, sound) but so far we had to rely heavily on free textures from various websites and character models from character generators throughout development. While these textures and characters look pretty sweet, they have their limitations. They lack imagination and so they make our game look and feel somewhat generic.
It would be nice to have our own art style, for that to happen, we’ll need help from artists with skills in the following fields:

Texture Artisan - From laying down mosaic floors to dyeing fine silks, these artists create the foundations upon which the rest of the team…
Ah, cmon, Just make textures! Lots of them! Good ones! And fast!
No, really, we could use a lot of seamless and regular textures. You having some skill with unreal materials would also be nice, but if not, we can take care of that portion of the work.

Human Designer - Model specimens of the human race from all parts of the social hierarchy, preferably with clothes on. Stylized or realistic, whatever you are better at.

Scene Builder/Prop Technician - We got a big city to make here, allright? Gonna need some more construction materials and furniture pronto to fill in all those vacant plots! Once done with your dayshift, you can head over to the assembly lines to make cars, guns and clothes around the clock!

Painter/Paintress - We have this Idea about comic-strips replacing the role of cutscenes for our game (see Max Payne 2), but It turns out making those is pretty hard stuff, so we’ll need someone to do it for us… And if you ever get tired of painting the same 3 characters over and over and over in different positions every day, you can help us design the UI (by which I mean, do it all yourself).

Of course, of course, you want some cash, well so do I. What I propose is that we put this video-game thing together with 0 budget, unload it on the unsuspecting public, then split the profits (based on contributions to the project)! Sounds good?

Now, let me talk some more about the game itself. Its currently in very early alpha, v0.1. Our superb programmer put it together in less then a week, its got player movement, combat and basic enemy AIs along with the assets required for the first scene in the game. We also have some 20 pages worth of story and game design documentation done, but that’s about it. The PC is our primary platform with Steam and GOG in our periscopes. In case its not obvious, we work with unreal engine 4. That’s about it for now.

Got questions? Anyone interested?
Anyone at all to comment?