2D/3D designer and animator, for mmo Eagleheroes project

we are a small team with a few developers and designers that is in a kind of early state in creating a mmorpg, our ambition with the game is to make it as realistic as possible and make features in game for the players that is similar real life, for example we are working alot with the weather and day/night scenery to make it change and look as realistic as possible with wind, shadows, rain,puddles,snowstorms,moon,constellationsand, sunrice/down and much more.
We have a working launcher so its possible to come ingame and register and the “tecnical functions” of the game is done and just missing animations.
Right now we will not be able to pay our designers or developers but our goal right now is to creat a good working prototype to show a couple of interested investors,once we get money from them and sponsors we will start paying everyone involved in the gamecreating.
Starting to creat a mmorpg without any money may seem crazy but sence we have a few interested investors we think we will be able to make it with there help and your help, we just need volonters right now that belíve in our game idea and are willing to help out.

3d designer
there your work will be designing characters modling and creating objects for the world, right now we need

2d designer
will making textures for our world and create our characters in the game.

will working with trigger and movement for characters and make diffrent animation effects for exeple weather system for rain thunder and so.

We are open for every help we can get, if you´re not able to help with anything above but still wanna join and help with quest/ideas or something else you are welcome to message me and we will try find a place for you in the team as well.

if youre intressted to join EagleHeroes or got any questions about the story or the game idea please PM me here or email at