2D/3D Artist needed for Mobile Game


I represent the company Dynamic Realities. We are currently in need of a second artist who can help out the current one we got. He will need help both in the 2D and 3D department as he is currently doing both. We are only a small team of 5 people.

We are set to release our game “Flying! Thunder! Chase!” by December this year on Android and later iOS using the Unreal Engine 4. We have a working demo right now and at today’s meeting (10th of September) we finalized a list of assets for the game to be considered complete. The rest is added as additional content later down the line. We use a simple business model: Everything in the game is free, but you can pay to cut corners and save time. We have plans on how to balance this. We don’t want the player to feel like it’s a chore. It’s a very simple game in which you fly forever and have to collect points and virtual currency. You can only delay your inevitable demise and the longer you manage to do that the greater the potential reward

Here is a Video of our latest early demo build

(Everything is subject to change)

We recently had our game tested at a test event in Norway for games and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We are very optimistic that we are on the right track with this game and we got some great ideas and outside opinions on how we can improve the gameplay.

This game is supposed to be the team’s stepping stone in which we earn money to put into the company for another game we would really like to make. It’s a Revenue Share job however which means part of the profit should rightfully go to the people who worked on it (including you). This will all be settled in legally binding contracts.

This is our very first game as a team. We have failed a few projects together before because we didn’t realize the scope we were getting at. Now we finally do and this is the first time we’ve made it this far as a team.

So what do we need from you?

  • You are at least 18 years old - Legal Reasons
  • You are very comfortable both with written and spoken English - Paramount to communication in the group
  • You can attend meetings weekly - We use as our communications platform
  • You have a portfolio - School Work, Pet Projects or Previous Games. It’s all good. We would like to see both 2D and 3D work

We need you to design, model and texture spaceships for our mobile game. It can’t be put any simpler than that. You will be working together with our other artist on this. The spaceships will likely be fairly low poly since it’s on a mobile and needs to take up less space. There will be put more emphasis on great texture work.

When you send your application please include the following:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Portfolio (Results are more important than Resume)
  • Skype Contact Information
  • Short Description of You (including any other relevant skills you may have!)

Please send your application to with the subject RE: Artist to ease the process for us :slight_smile:

Should you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or send me a personal message. There is usually always something we miss in these posts :smiley:

Hope to hear from you soon!