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My you tube chanel with some animations ravage x - YouTube

3d modells - laur2000adhttps:'s lair

for the samples below I did all of the work, including drawing, coloring, background painting, working closely with the client or improvising based on some ideas he suggested"
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Animations ravage x - YouTube

3d - laur2000ad's lair

OctoGames offers high quality games and apps for different platforms including

iOS, Android, PC/MAC/Linux, Playstation and Nintendo.

We will offers you high quality mobile games and apps development services for all platforms such as iOS, Android , Windows Phone, MacOSX , Linux , Windows, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and WiiU.

We are Nintendo licensed developers.

By relying on our team , you are able to produce more content for their games, reduce time to market, reach more platforms and focus your efforts on the core platform.

Mobile games
Octogames studio is able to produce both art and full mobile applications for our clients. Our expertise with Unity 3D allow us to deliver robust gaming experiences on these engines’ mobile versions.

We are able to provide some succesfull game such as Space Jump who was featured in the top free app on Google Play and is the Number 1 on website.

Console games

Octogames develops on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo WiiU , we are of course a certified developer by Nintendo.

Computer games

Octogames can develop game on Windows , Mac and linux , with our great experience in computer programmation of software and game (such as Mlop the adventure) we can provide some good quality products.

Online games
We help you to make great Facebook games based on Flash. Integration with specific online SDK such as Facebook or game portals is easy for us.

Full service app development
In addition to our game development services, we have the capabilities in engineering, sound and we can be leveraged independently according to client needs. Our service range covers nearly all aspects of game development, allowing us to design, produce and test full games. Bringing these services together holds benefits for all of our clients by giving them the flexibility to strategically set up development teams according to their needs.

2D: Concepting and Illustration
3D: Organic and Hardsurface Modeling
Rigging, Animation and Mocap: Mecanim, Straight up Unity.
UI design: NGUI, UMG, Scaleform/Flash, Coherent, UGUI
Level Design: Advanced knowledge and experience with Unity. Services include design, planning documentation and play testing
Tech Art: Terrain, lighting, shaders, materials, post processing, and everything else you’d need done in the editor
Audio: Full soundtrack composition, sound effects and voice over
Video: Animation and Editing for your next trailer or cutscene
Programming: Unity (C#)
Full app promotion
In addition to our game development services, we have the capabilities in marketing and game ranking.

Having some hard time to make your game famous or exposed to the gamers community ? You want your game to be the top 1 on Googly Play or IOS app store ?
Don’t worry we can do it !

Social media promotion to millions of users
Download and game install guarantee
Post on blogs and forums
Press publications and Official press review.
CrowdFunding campaign promotion
Wide network of gamers and donor available
Ports, parallel development, and full game creation – our team is experienced at game design, monetization, art creation, sound design, engineering, platform optimization. Depending on client requests, complete code documentation can be provided.

Boost efficiency thanks to cross platform games
If you want your games to run on multiple platforms like iOs, Android and Windows, we are your team. We are specialised in high performing cross platform games, made with C# based on the very popular Unity 3D engine. With this game engine we develop your games for all the target platforms simultaneously, with the same code base. The result: faster development, faster updates, and more scalable and maintainable games.

Flexible project structures
Depending on client needs, we assemble teams combining the right skills and a level of management adapted to the complexity of the project. For larger projects, our model also lets us dedicate resources to work alongside your current team, as a temporary staff complement.

Projects typically follow one of two models:

A Project Model for when the project is clearly defined in scope and time. Under this model, we work together prior to the project to formulate a detailed plan based on your needs. We then assemble a team of programming engineers and the necessary resources for a limited period of time with a Project Lead responsible for the quality and timing of deliveries.

A Retainer Model for when the client requires an extension of the team with flexibility in the scope of tasks. Under this model, a team will be put together upon your request. Its tasks can be defined and modified on the go, just as you would with an internal team. You will have the guarantee that the resources will be retained for you over the long term.
Why Octogames ?
Price, Affordability, Speed. Pick two. That’s the old saying right?

Well, after differents projects, each with their own set of unique challenges and rewards, we are faster, more efficient plus our years of experience have allowed us to gather a team of developers, artists, producers, and designers that can produce high quality work that is both on time and on budget for studios ranging from small indie to full scale AAA.



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Thought I’d let you know that no one can view your Apple apps without an crApple ID.

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New game for client

available for new projects

I have a [ROYALTY/PAID] Position available at a start-up company called “Reason Studios”… We will be aiming at Steam Early-Access on PC First, then onto consoles after the project gains more traction… Cannot offer a Paid Position now but Royalites will be paid and a Job Offer will be due, given the work that is done, definitely could use someone like you.

Details of the project need to be sparse, but in-short: The Project will be a Modern, Counter-Terrorism Game featuring some of the best UE4 Features and will take full advantage of the many, many features in UE4. Nothing of its kind has been done before, PM me if interested. Thanks.

See Here:

available for new work

Happy New Year to all my clients

Available for work

In the last months i advance with this client project

I can take a project for 2d or 3d art , or my team for programming , sound design etc.

available for work , portofolio update

Client Work

available for work

available for work

available for work

PM’d you :slight_smile: