2700x vs 8700k vs 9900k

Hi Unreal community,

I am going to buy a new desktop and have been thinking of starting developing in UE. I have some experience in other game design engines but not this one.

Due to the fact, that development will include dealing with graphic design tools, IDE, render, etc, I am wondering if I should bet on AMD ryzen 2700x or Intel i8700k.

I have the money for 9900k but the thermal behavior of this new CPU has made me to almost not consider it as an option.

Anyway, feel free to recommend which CPU I should buy: 2700x, 8700K, 9900K?

Tasks: building, rendering when needed, modelling, coding, etc. And also sometimes play to BF5 jeje.

GPU is likely to be a RTX 2080 or GTX 1080ti.

Thanks for your wise advise.

If you work more than you game go for AMD, if you cannot live with inferior performance AMD (like 5 FPS less) then go for superior gaming solution that is Intel.

My next CPU will be AMD no matter the cost (of overpriced intel)

If you can afford it then for Intel get a LGA 2066 CPU like the i7-9800X or the i7-7820X that both have a street price not much higher than the 9900K. And you would get QuadChannel DDR4 support… 32GB RAM is the bare minimum to really work with UE4 with no issues or slowdowns.
For AMD get a Threadripper that has QuadChannel DDR4 support like the 1920X

I can live with that inferior performance in exchange for 2 more cores and 4 threads, if AMD works better for Unity and game development.

I am in a hurry to buy new build. I could wait to new threadripper, especially 2920x, but not easy to wait until they release 9800x, check reviews, etc.

Thanks dudes.

What about 9900K? Is it worth? Or it is a really powerful CPU but with really hot temperatures? That is something makes me wondering.


I work more than play games, but for development with UE4 or Unity or other tools, 2700x also??

i want one of these ones: 9900,8700,2700x. But thanks for recommendation. I will wait for 2920x to see its price and how market react to their release. Maybe CPU price down.


AMD is better for rendering and probably will be better for lightmass calculations in unreal.
I do not have AMD (yet) my old i7 cpu is still fine for what i am doing, and new ones are not vastly superior so i am pushing upgrade for next year (for last 5 years or so).
But i plan to get AMD next, this decision is based on several YT reviews (for eg Linus).
Also speed/fps in games is no more relevant, on i7 and 980TI (my current setup) i am getting enough FPS (most games that i like are playable in 4k, and getting 100+ FPS in 1080).
I will probably upgrade for Cyberpunk when it is released.

I went from a 6700K to a 2700X. It makes the Editor more responsive, especially the Materials dialog. Sped up Lightmass, too (more cores helps).

Look into AMD 2990wx, 2950x and 1950x

If you can find threadreapper 1950x for a good price it would be even a better deal than a 2700x… the 2nd ofc has lower consumption, so if you think energy costs is a problem go for it. AM4 boards are so cheap that usually 2700x will always be the best combo. You want a fast DDR4 speed anyways 3200MHz is a bare minimum for AMD. Without paying the extra $ for for Intel you definitely can purchase RTX 2080… I doubt it is easy to find 1080TI nowadays.

I just upgraded from a i7-4790 to a i9-9900, and from 16 GB Ram to 32 GB Ram, and it feels like everything is ten times faster, almost perfect workflow possible (loading times are usually only a couple of seconds, project is 30 gb of size). Currently a GTX 1080 in the computer, the old used a 1080 TI, so I can further improve the performance I guess.

So I do not want to suggest that NVIDIA GTX is better than the current AMD GPU generation, it probably comes down to 4 vs 8 cores, and 16 vs 32 GB of Ram. Also what I read is that the 9900K processor is good at video editing.

When comparing the old Mid-Range cards (RX480/580 vs a GTX1060) then this is absolutely true, Nvidia is superior there - i had both. But when i switched from the GTX1080 to a Vega64 in another PC, it really didnt made any difference. So i guess its all about the TIER you want to compare.

As for the CPU discussion, i’m really looking forward to the new Threadripper Zen2 lineup which will come this summer/fall.

I can share a little light too.Now the tests that i did were with light mass rendering but in udk.Still light mass process in udk works the same way as in ue4 so i dont expect surprises.Here is my thread with results:…r-time-results

As you can see, a 1800x is faster than a 8700k for brute force rendering.So the question really is 9900k vs 2700x.I expect litle difference between the 2 cpus with 9900k taking the lead by probably 3-5% but massive price difference that can be used for more ram.I went from 12gb to 64gb and i have no regrets.All 3 monitors plugged in with 3 software’s open at the same time and ram was the deciding factor.

O and for those that are wandering if 2080 vs 1080ti.If you find a new1080ti for something like 500(maybe ebay) than take it.Rtx tech is so new that if we compare the 2 gpus in only brute force i dont think its worth it. I have a 1080ti which does 4k development with ease.

Now, second gen rtx gpus might be important.But for me at this moment, rtx gpus are at the same level of importance as those old nvidia 3d Vision monitors , and we know how they turned out…

I think a RTX card right now is that if you want to invest to be able to handle the new tech in advance or if you can’t find a Pascal card like the 1080TI or Titan Xp and need a GPU upgrade.

If anyone want to do that investment, just don’t purchase the RTX 2060, because really at that price point having only 6 GB VRAM is a waste of money when you have cheaper cards with 8 GB VRAM like GTX 1070 which basically is same performance, maybe more if OC’ed. Purchase a 2070 instead, prices are going down already because no one buying the cards.