263 Buttons in widget that need tint change

Hi, can anyone help me.

Im trying to copy clickablebutton ‘‘normal’’ tint (only texture changed, i want the tint to remain the same) and paste to button ‘‘hovered’’ tint in Property Matrix Editor. If it would be 5 buttons i would do them manually :D. I can actually copy them in Property Matrix Editor, but after i hit compile they reset as if i havent done anything.

Am i using it wrong?

Thanx for attention

Hello Rants15,

Property Matrix cannot be used edit buttons inside of a widget.The fastest way to edit your buttons will be to go into each widget and multi-select all of your buttons (this can be done using ctrl + clicking). When multiple buttons are selected you can change the color of them all at once.

Good luck creating!

Hi Thanks for reply.

I also found a faster way. I selected all the buttons and copyed them. Pasted into notepad and text edited with macro. Deleted the old buttons and pasted the new ones from notepad back to widget :smiley:

For info each button changes vector variable (wall colors). I needed specific colors from certain selection 263 total.
Its a heavy nightmare but doable :smiley: